Let's Tickle The Teacher!
55 Minutes, $25 VHS; $30 DVD

Tommi Rose is one hot teacher! Poor Steven Kidd has spent all year fantasizing about her lucious naked body. But Steve doesn't want to fuck her, he wants to tickle her! Steve talks his school's much ridiculed janitor, Hot Dog, to help him out with the ultimate plan - one that will give him memories that will last a lifetime.

Steve volunteers to help his teacher with some after school work so that he can get her all alone. Once everyone has gone home, he puts his plan into action. He grabs the teacher from behind and before she knows it, she is bound to one of her desks and gagged.

Once the teacher is subdued Hot Dog appears and the tickle fun begins. The two hooligans tickle torture the first clothed and later totally naked teacher mercilessly in a variety of different positions. It gets so bad for teach that she ends up peeing all over the floor! This enrages Hot Dog because, as the school janitor, he's the guy who's going to have to clean it up. In anger, Hot Dog mops up the pee with the teacher's discarded panties, stuffs it in her mouth and then tapes it shut so she can't spit out the soiled garment! Even Steve is a little shocked at this, but hey it's still great fun! The tickling continues on and on until their captive is completely spent.

In the second segment Zana and Joey take turns strapping each other to an X-Cross tickling each other's naked bodies !

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