Tickle Harassment!
45 Minutes, $25 VHS; $30 DVD

Zana is a tough business executive who has had it with one of her employees. He's lazy. He doesn't ever shower and he rude to customers and his co-workers. Zana calls him into her office to reprimand him only to find that he totally agrees with her. In fact, he suggests that she can get rid of him by transferring him to his buddy Jack Williams' department. The only catch is that Jack is going to first want a blow job from Zana!

Completely insulted, Zana is ready to fire this pig on the spot, but before she can utter a word he has pounced on her. Soon she is his bound and gagged prisoner!

To convince her into giving Jack the blow job he expects, the scumbag tickles Zana's stockinged feet while she is still gagged. Later he gets her spread-eagle on a bed and tickles the shit out of her ribs, and stomach. He then raises her legs as high as he can so he can tickle torture her wet, but unwilling pussy.

After what seems like days of agonizing tickling, Zana relents and agrees to blow Jack so that the transfer can be made and this maniac can get out of her life permanently. Zana proves to be a lively cock sucking artist as she almost drains the life out of Jack's huge dick, drinking his cum like she's dying of thirst! Clearly this executive knows how to make a man happy.

In a spectacular second segment, Liz Tyler is tied upside down while completely naked - her entire helpless body tickle assulted!

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