Tickle Torture Revenge!
45 Minutes, $25 VHS; $30 DVD

Two Girls Tickled Till They Pee! Tickling and Drooling! Full Nude Tickling!

Justine Romaro is a very pretty but, hard-nosed sports reporter. She's been dogging basketball pro Lexi Williams for weeks for her lack of hustle and inability to play within the team concept. Lexi decides to get even. She invites Justine over for an exclusive interview. Justine thinks it's strange that she would be granted the interview, however her ambition takes over and she meets Lexi at her mansion.

Lexi overpowers the petite reporter and ties and ball gags her on a bench. Then she ruthlessly tickles Justine until she is drooling profusely through her ball gag! Later, Lexi chains up Justine so that her legs are spread wide open. She then proceeds to tickle her until she is pissing all over! After having her way with the now submissive reporter, Lexi leaves her naked, bound and gagged outdoors for all to see!

Fortunately for Justine the first person who finds her is Lexi's coach. The coach insists that Lexi has to make nice to Justine or else she will turn her in to the league and she will no doubt be suspended from the big game! The coach offers Justine the opportunity to get tickle revenge on Lexi. Justine readily agrees.

Lexi is tied up naked to the same bench that once held Justine and tickled all over her body and on her bare feet! Next, Lexi is then strung up with one leg tied high in the air. Soon she is laughing so hard that she is peeing all over the floor.

In the second feature, Kaylynn Calloway is a kinky nurse who goes too far with a patient and is tickle tortured by a doctor and the pretty patient played by Butter Lemieux.

If you enjoy girls completely out of control laughing hystercially - this is a video you will want to see!

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