Chicks Tickle Chicks!
50 Minutes, $25 VHS; $30 DVD

Pretty Girls Can Be Ruthless Ticklers - See For Yourself!

Sexy Sadie Atkins and beautiful Jana Cova start things out with a terrific tickle turnaround in which both girls show no mercy on the other when they have them tied and helpless. Sadie wears lingerie, but Jana must suffer her tickle torture completely nude! Next, girl-next-door Nikki Sweet is tickled by pretty Mackenzie Ortega. But it isn't long before the tables are turned! Ann Harlow and Anna Mills turn in a very hot tickle turnabout in which both girls are nude, vulnerable and forced to suffer hard tickle abuse. Finally super-ticklish Amber Michaels is strapped up to the X-cross and given a dose of tickle hell of her own courtesy of Dorothy Laine.

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