Kidnapped, Tickled and Fucked!
45 Minutes, $25 VHS; $30 DVD

Heiress Jassie is abducted by two thugs and while one thug is away, the other will play!

Jassie portrays a rich heiress who has been kidnapped by a pair of seedy criminals. The ransom has been paid so while one goes to pick up the drop, the other decides to have a little fun with his captive. He first gets the princess spread-eagle naked on his bed and then proceeds to tickle her without mercy! She squirms and squeals but it is no use - he aint stoppin. Or is he? She promises to blow him if he will please stop the tickle torture. He agrees and gets the best dick sucking of his life.

But, he is a tickler at heart. He reneges on his promise and ties her hands to her ankles and tickle attacks her bare feet while all the while admiring her beautiful pussy. It's so beautiful in fact that he engages in some very satisfying pussy tickling. Poor Jassie just can't take it anymore. She begs him to stop tickling her and promises to fuck him to death if he will. That's an offer he just can't refuse. By the time their intense fuck session is over, his partner has arrived with the money and they can all live happily ever after.

Two vignettes are also included. In the first, Heather Stewart is buried in the sand, her super-ticklish bare feet exposed for anyone who happens along. Next Sadie Atkins has a naked Jana Cova helpless in a pair of stocks. You know Sadie isn't going to let tickling opportunity get away.

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