Welcome to Tickle Hell, Darla Crane
45 Minutes, $25 VHS

Ms. Darla Crane plays a private detective who is investigating a ruthless drug ring. She is captured by a member of the gang and quickly bound and gagged. The henchman's instructions are to find out what she knows by any means necessary.

Soon, Ms. Crane is completely naked tied to a table with her legs spread wide - her pussy open for everyone to see. The henchman proceeds to cruelly tickle Ms. Crane's bound, bare body. True tickle torture occurs here as Ms. Crane laughs uncontrollably, gasping for air, barely able to breathe.

Next, Ms. Crane is tied (still naked) in a new position. This time her hands are bound over her head and a tight ball gag is secured in her mouth. After listening to her laugh non-stop through her gag, the evil man decides that he likes it better with the gag out. So, Ms. Crane endures another tickle torture session with her laughter so hard and out of control that she is completely exhausted. She will do anything for this tickle suffering to end. Ms. Crane has been physically and mentally broken down by tickling.

The criminal make a deal with Ms. Crane: the tickling will end, but she must suck his cock. She readily agrees as anything is better than more tickle abuse. After his dick has been sucked dry and after he gives Ms. Crane a nice cum facial, the hoodlum decides she must not know anything. He binds and gags her and leaves her in the house alone. Poor Ms. Crane is left to struggle naked against her bonds hoping that someone will rescue her.

In the second Tickle Hell sequence, Sadie Bell is completely naked and bound to the St. Andrews' Cross. Her captor shows her no mercy as she is relentlessly tickle attacked. This tickle maniac even uses a home made belly-button tickling device to illicit maximum laughter from his tickle victim.

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